Are these Diwali Sales Making You Spend More?


Diwali – the festival of lights is just round the corner and every year around this time we stock up our homes and wardrobes with all new things that needs a change especially our wardrobes. Just 5 years back, this time of the year was considered to be the season for fresh arrivals/stock and words like “discounts or sale or %off” were unheard of.

Today when I look around I just see advertisements such as Great India Festival Sale or Big Diwali Sale or Big Billion Day or Unbox Diwali Sale etc. I am sure you all must have heard these or atleast some of these and must have been a participant to these. Well I too bought from these festive season sales. Soon after I bought the things, I realized that most of the things I bought were really not needed and could have been postponed but these jaw dropping discounts plus the Diwali mood made me make those purchases.

If the claims by e-commerce websites are to be believed, Indians bought goods worth more than Rs 10,000 crore in the first week of October. Flipkart claims to have sold 15.5 million units during its five-day sale. Amazon was not far behind with 15 million units and may have already crossed the mark. Snapdeal saw a nine-fold increase in sales volume during its Unbox Diwali discount offer. The company says its first day sales weighed nearly 3,000 tonnes, enough to fill 20 Jumbo aircraft. And there are still more numbers to come as we still have two more big sales starting from tomorrow.

The numbers are huge and we also are a part of these number. Just imagine why are these e-commerce websites offering discounts at a time when most of the companies would launch their fresh stock? The answer is simple because it’s Diwali and the word discount would give us one more reason to shop.

I know you must have spent more than the budget this month or maybe you had a higher budget for expenses this month. But with this festive mood make sure you don’t overspend on things that you don’t need; just because you are getting a fat discount on it. Remember if you are getting a 40% discount you still have to pay 60% out of your pocket.

If you’ve already spent; keep calm and enjoy because it’s DIWALI. Have a happy and joyous Diwali!