Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Indra and Us

One of the primary rituals of Diwali is Laxmi Pooja, where all pray to Goddess Lakshmi for wealth and prosperity. I want to share a small story about Goddess Lakshmi and her powers. 

Lord Indra once enraged Sage Durvasa by disrespecting a garland of Lotus’ he presented to him as a gift. Furious at such insolence he cursed Lord Indra – like in his arrogance he threw the garland, which was the dwelling of Goddess of Fortune (Lakshmi) on the ground, his kingdom will also be ruined. And ruined it was! People of Amravati (Capital of Lord Indra’s Kingdom) lost their energy and vigor, their minds became corrupted. Seeing them weak, the Demons attacked  them. Their wealth and powers weren’t restored until they sought forgiveness and had Goddess Lakshmi back on their side.

How is this story still relevant to us? Let’s see:

  •  Goddess Lakshmi is just not about wealth. In her absence, all the people of Amravati lost their mental capacities too. So this year, before you pray to become a millionaire, prove yourself worthy of it by respecting the wealth and not be reckless or spendthrift.
  • Lord Indra’s fortunes were forsaken due to his arrogance and excessive pride. Goddess Lakshmi favors the wise and knowledgeable. Honor Goddess Sarawati too this Diwali by gathering more knowledge on your financials, markets and industry to make more informed decisions.
  • Demons will attack the weakest. However, Lord Indra did not runaway but waited, sought help and showed trust even when everything was falling apart. Market demons might also attack but the wise men will not exit rashly but show patience and trust knowing that markets rise after a downfall.

Our mythological stories and festivals are just not for entertainment after all and give us some valuable lessons at every point of life. They also seem to be carefully and significantly placed on the calendar to guide us through various stages of life, planning financials near the New Year, for instance!

Here’s wishing you all a wealthy, healthy, wiser and prosperous Diwali!


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