Here Begins the Sale Season

Sale & Shopping

After the scorching heat, it’s time for the rain showers to give us a sigh of relief. However it’s not just the rain showers that makes this season special but it’s the raining discounts that makes it all the more special. It’s time when the markets are flooded with discounts on any and everything you buy which may range from household stuff to clothes to shoes to electrical appliances or otherwise. It not just the shopping malls or local bazaars that offer discounts, it’s even the virtual market aka e-commerce sites which are flooded with discounts.

Almost everyone awaits the sale season as it gives them an opportunity to buy things they like at a much lower price. Recently I was talking to one of my colleagues who was telling me about her shopping experience in this sale season. She started telling me that she went to a mall to buy some grocery from a departmental store wherein she saw that the almost every store in the mall was on discount. She thought it’s the best time to shop and hence she picked up the shopping bag to buy things she needed. While roaming around the store she picked up all the things she needed, the shopping bag was full and she was very happy as she bought the stuff at such a low price. The moment she was home and opened the shopping bags to keep the stuff at the requisite places, she realized she did not need a lot of things or she already had a few of them which she otherwise thought was necessary.

This is the story of many of us. With this I do not intend to say that the sale season is bad. No, not at all. Rather I wait for the sale seasons to buy all the things I need. But you can make the most out of these raining discounts just by being a little cautious when you are out in the midst of the sale madness.

Don’t Miss the Biggest Sale of the Season

Oh yes!!! The moment you open the newspaper or your mail box, you get to see the best and the most eye catching advertisements. Often when we go around we get to see offers like flat 50%, 60% or 70% off or Buy 1 get 1 free or Buy 2 get 1 free. To us it seems like a great deal but it’s a trap to make sure you buy even when you don’t need it. Many a times it happens that we go for shopping thinking we would just buy 1 thing but these mouth-watering discounts of buy 2 get 1 free or buy 1 and get 20% off but if you buy two you get 40% off induces you to buy more. In the end you get on a search to find the second thing you never needed and buy it.

The Shopping Madness

As quoted earlier it’s not that these discounts are bad but what’s bad is that we just get carried away. Sometimes because you get lured and sometimes because others are talking great about it. The worst is most of the times we end up paying for things and block our money in things we already had or we would rarely use.

Penny Saved is Penny Earned

It’s best if you choose to make major purchases during the sale season but make sure you do it in a manner that helps you to make the most out of it. Before leaving to join the sale spree jot down all the things you need to buy and make sure you stick to it. Make a spending budget within which you will buy all that you need. Use debit card or cash to make the payment as the pain of paying hurts hard and you would spend within limits. Last but not the least think twice before you place your hands on something for buying it.

Remember paying heed to these small little things can save you a lot which can be put to use for things that really matter you a lot.


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