Five Lessons From Dad You Can Use To Attain Financial Freedom!

Come June 17 and the world will celebrate Father’s Day! Of course, a day won’t suffice to bring to the fore what your dad means to you. However, looking back at what dad has taught you over the years in his inimitable style would help you pave your way to good financial health. Probably, the best way to make your dad happy on the occasion of Father’s Day is to let him know that you still adhere to what he has taught you. Here are five lessons your dad has taught you, and, which, you can use to attain financial freedom.

Remember how he instilled in you the priceless virtue of discipline? Slowly, steadily and leading by example. Even after all these years, you still stick to the teaching. Time is now to apply discipline in your financial pursuits and achieve your goals. But what does discipline mean in this context and how does it help? Valid questions indeed and the answers are: 1) Just the way you used to set aside your time to study, set aside a portion of your income for savings. 2) The money, no matter how small or big the amount, will come handy in the future, especially when you need it the most.

When you hesitated to step into the swimming pool, trembling with fear, you received a touch of reassurance from your dad. And that prompted you to take the risk, to give the deep blue waters a try. Today, when you look back, you remain grateful towards your dad for teaching you to swim. Similar way, to create wealth or achieve your financial goals, you need to wade into the financial planning waters. With caution and a calculated approach, you can reap rewards.

Your dad was your first cricket coach and it was from him you learned to wait for the bad ball and send it to the boundary. Till then you were swinging the bat at every ball risking dismissal. While investing, patience is the best virtue you can bet on. While it’s difficult to stop being impulsive, and you want to see the money grow as soon as possible. Sadly, no one grows rich or makes money in a day. If you have the patience, remember, half the battle is won especially when it comes to investing!

Even the smallest of tasks demands devotion. A lesson for life you learned painstakingly from your dad! Without commitment, it would be impossible to attain financial freedom. Again, the question pops up; how does one stay devoted in matters related with finance? Simple, stay committed to the cause of creating wealth. Once you start sticking to this, everything else will fall in place.

Attaining Goals
When it comes to attaining goals, you dad’s idea has been set up a goal before you begin; that will help you to know what you’re really going for. Set a goal, go all out to realize it, and the glory is yours. But, not even once, he asked you to rest on your laurels. Goals are meant to be realized, and the realization of each goal demands the setting up of another. It’s a cycle – one you need to go through tirelessly and relentlessly.

This Father’s Day, stick to the lessons your dad instilled in you in your pursuit to attain financial freedom. We wish your wonderful dad a Happy Father’s Day!


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