Is it the right time to sell your mutual funds?

One can easily sense a lot of despair and gloom in the equity investments these days. There are many speculations around the following concerns –

  • Why Equity Investments are not giving any due results in t­he current scenario?
  • Do you think we should discontinue our SIP or change our SIP from equity to debt fund?
  • Our economy is witnessing a slowdown and the government doesn’t seem to be doing enough?

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Start small and early : Gain more and for longer

When We Start Earning

When we just start earning, it is only fair that we think of spending it all on ourselves, families and friends. Savings, investments, and planning retirement are the last thing on our mind. On being coaxed by elders, one might start a Savings Account and nothing more. However, at a later stage, when we try and build trust in other methods of savings and investments either because our friends/ colleagues have invested in it or the markets are performing well, we realize how much we have lost in not starting early. Continue reading “Start small and early : Gain more and for longer”