Smart Ways to plan for Holidays

Smart Ways to plan for holidays

It’s time to plan for a holiday!!!! The March pressure has just come to an end and much awaited summer breaks of your kids are just round the corner. Planning a holiday today, is a task in itself. In this post we will highlight ways of planning a holiday which would not only ease your mental burdens but financial burdens as well.

  1.      First and foremost – Prepare a Budget

First step towards a good financial planning. If you set yourself a budget, then everything can be decided with ease. Be it your destination – whether within country or foreign vacation, mode of travelling (train or flight), accommodation (luxurious or budget hotels) etc. Make sure that you do not overshoot your budget otherwise it would not take much time for a Happy Vacation to become Sad Vacation

  1.      Plan well in advance:

Planning ahead of time always pays more, be it in investments or expenses. The cut throat competition in the aviation and hotel industry is another added benefit for you. While planning, hunt for the best deals so that you do not pay a penny more than what you are supposed to.  You can save more if you book your tickets on weekdays as against weekends.

  1.      Do your research about the destination

With plethora of information available on net, finding the best things at the desired destination is not very difficult. From restaurants to desired places to visit, commutation options to shopping list, if these are well known in advance, you will be able to enjoy more and save a lot of money. Better prepare yourself with relevant information so that you give yourself a hassle-free holiday.

  1. Carry less-buy less

Indians typically have the habit of carrying too much. Too much luggage not only increases your cost of travelling but also causes a problem in commutation. At the same time think before you buy anything. Shopping while travelling is impulsive which we regret later as it seems to be of no use. At the same time, if you really find something exciting and want to buy it, don’t leave it thinking that you will get a better bargain elsewhere or you will come back again to the same shop.

  1.      Avoid travelling during peak season time

You can also save on sizable amount of money if you travel just before or after peak season; may be 15 days before or after. This ensures two things – one that you save lot of money and second that you don’t face bad weather.

Last but not the least save as much as you can before going for a holiday so that you current income does not gets consumed for this holiday. Hope you have a fun-filled summer vacation this year.

Happy Holidays!!!!


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