5 Things You Can Do To Save Your Family In The Event Of Your Untimely Departure

At 32, Rohith was on top of the world. Married with a two-year-old daughter and was busy climbing up the corporate ladder as an investment banker. He was glad everything had come to him exactly the way he had planned it. Then, at the peak of happiness, calamity struck. One morning when he failed to make an appearance at the living room, Mrs. Rohith took his cup of tea to his room. Surprised to see him still in bed, she tried to wake him up. But he was gone, he had suffered a ‘silent attack’. When the mourning period was over and the bills pouring in, his partner started to search for documents to his assets. She was clueless about the passwords, documents and transactions as they never discussed matters neither did he leave a will. The family is running from pillar to post, but it appears to be a tedious process. Continue reading “5 Things You Can Do To Save Your Family In The Event Of Your Untimely Departure”

Common Mistakes People make in their 30’s

People in 30's30’s are typically a time for settling down after the 20’s where the young and fun loving couples have taken enough of risks and found what they are really passionate for. Many people are busy raising their families or climbing up the ladders of success in their careers. These are typically the make or break years in people’s lives even when it concerns their finances. Due to lack of knowledge and laxity people often land up making mistakes, the brunt of which is felt in their 50’s and not now. Continue reading “Common Mistakes People make in their 30’s”