Current Environment for Real Estate

Model home sinking in water

It is true that 90% of the wealth is with 10% of the population and 10% wealth is with 90% of the population. But when 90% of the population starts thinking in same direction and think that by investing in any one asset class can make them rich overnight, that’s where bubble formation takes place. Presently, real estate is at similar crossroads.

Real Estate has been the most favorite asset class and most fruitful asset class in last 10 years. But that’s history. Unfortunately that will not be the case for next 10 years. To us real estate is entering a bear phase and real estate investors will have a tough time. Continue reading “Current Environment for Real Estate”

Simple strategies would do it all !!!!


Wedding season just got over. Beautiful dresses, sumptuous food and fun and frolic all around, from outside it may look glossy and exotic but the reality is that most of us can’t stand those heavy dresses and oily food for long. The moment we reach home, the first thing we do is change those beautiful dresses and wear something which is more comfortable. Imagine what if you were to be asked to wear those shaadi-wala dress and eat that sumptuous wedding food all your life? Continue reading “Simple strategies would do it all !!!!”

Equity or Gold ???

Equity or Gold

Just a couple of weeks back, we wrote an article on gold and advised readers about the gold trends. In the last two weeks, we have also seen equity markets delivering some good returns and sensex again crossing the 20000 marks and now heading towards previous highs.

So the question is gold or equity? If we ask this question to any common Indian investor, 90 out of 100 will probably say Gold is better than equity. Let us first highlight a few observations before we really go about analyzing which is the better asset class for investment. Continue reading “Equity or Gold ???”

Ladder Strategy in Fixed Income Investments

Several ladders in a desert

Investment is a science just like any other activity and there are certain rules which we must follow for its effective management. But unfortunately due to lack of financial education in our academic curriculum we were never taught this science and hence we land up doing things we are comfortable with. Even fixed deposit which is by far one of the most favorite products of Indian investors, we make lot of mistakes which can prove to be fatal in long term.

For example, when most of the people go to bank for getting an FD done, they look at the different rates of FD available and then invest in a FD which offers maximum rate of interest. Continue reading “Ladder Strategy in Fixed Income Investments”

Gold at 26000 – Should you buy ???


The recent fall in the Gold prices has become the talk of the town. Whether you are male or female, whether you are in office or for morning walk, the discussion is all about GOLD. Gold has always been one of the most favorite asset class for Indians. With such a steep fall, Jaipur’s Johari bazaar was queued up with buyers and many sellers were reluctant to sell as they had purchased gold at much higher prices than that of today.

Most of the people believed that it is good opportunity to buy gold as the fall is temporary and gold would once again touch Rs. 30000 levels. Continue reading “Gold at 26000 – Should you buy ???”